INTERNET : A Powerful tool for Connecting and Cultivating

     Srila Prabhupada wrote : " I am very encouraged by the reports of the tremendous success of your TV and radio programs. As much as possible try to increase our preaching programs by using all the mass media which are available. We are modern-day vaisnavas and we must preach vigorously using all the means available" (letter to Rupanuga, 30 December 1971)
     Muslim, Christians, and other groups are widely preaching through the internet. Srila Prabhupada stated numerous times that Vaisnavas use everything in Krishna's service, and the internet is no exception, where so many people spend most of their time - surfing, chatting, emailing, blogging, and so on. Software professionals spend more than half of their life on the computer desk. Where could be a better place to cultivate them ?
     My main experience in using the internet for getting to known new people and introducing them to Krishna consciousness is blogspot (in Thai & English language),and myspace. Systems of free webpage and have a lot for spaces for your post. You can sign up it at www.blogspot.com.and www.myspace. com / iskconbangkok. is another space which you can sign in and join us.

" In the cyber ocean many souls are seeking happiness "

International Society for Krishna Consciousness ( ISKCON BANGKOK )