Why Practice Krฺsฺnฺa Consciousness ?

  We are not these bodies but spirit souls. The body is temporary but the soul (jivatma) residing in each body is eternal.

   Each soul has an eternal, dynamic, blissful relationship with the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Krsna. Our actual life is not in this material world but in the spiritual world with Krsna.

   Krsna directly presides over the spiritual world. There He is surrounded by countless loving servitors who are all completely pure devotees, perfect beings with only one desire: to please Krsna. They are totally free from mundane desires, lust, greed, and envy.

   In the spiritual world, everything - the land, the trees, the homes, the water - is conscious and blissful. There is sorrow but only enjoyment. Not the stale, false enjoyment of this material world, but meaningful spiritual ecstasy in relationship with Krsna. Krsna eternally performs wonderful variegated. activities with His devotees. Life there is a constant festival of singing, dancing, playing, and eating with the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

   Those souls who, out of madness, are inimical towards Krsna are placed in the material world. This world is like a prison house for reformatory punishment. The conditioned souls here suffer repeated by maya( illusion) and insane due to false prestige, the conditioned soul imagines himself happy even when in the body of a stool - eating hog. From the topmost planet to the lowest, this world is a great ocean of distress.

   Krsna does not want us to rot in the material world. He is calling us to come back to the spiritual world to live happily with Him forever. Those who are intelligent listen to Krsna ( as He speaks in Bhagavad - gita As It Is) and try to make a solution to the problem of repeated birth and death. They take up devotional service to revive their dormant Krsna consciousness and go back to Godhead.

   In the present age, Kali - yuga, Krsna Himself taught Krsna consciousness in His most merciful incarnation, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Lord Caitanya inaugurated the sankirtana movement, a movement centered on the congregational chanting of the Holy Names. Sankirtana is the simplest and most joyful process for realizing God. It is kevala ananda - kanda - simply joyful.

   Krsna consciousness is not a dull, dry, ritualistic religion. Krsna consciousness means chanting the holy names, dancing in ecstasy, feasting on Krsna prasada, associating with saintly devotees, serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead in His Deity form, appreciating the unsurpassable beauty of Deity, understanding profound philosophy, hearing about the potencies and pastimes of Krsna, and preaching His glories. Krsna consciousness means the mood of the spiritual world. It is a life of ever - increasing pleasure, and it ultimately brings us to the point where we can directly see Krsna and speak with Him face to face.

   Krsna consciousness is the tried, tested, and proven method for achieving the perfection of life. Many persons in the past have become purified by Krsna consciousness and have thus attained to Krsna's lotus feet.

   Those whose spiritual intelligence is awakened will appreciate the unsurpassed mercy Lord Caitanya is giving by inviting us to join His sankirtana movement. Such persons take up Krsna consciousness with all sincerity, determined to make this their last birth in the material world.

   Even from the social or personal point of view, Krsna consciousness is so wonderful that it is beneficial for everyone. Simply by practicing devotional service, devotees develop all good qualities. They become kind, tolerant, humble, self - controlled, peaceful, and pleasing to all.Krsna consciousness even offers solutions to all economic, social, political, psychological, philosophical, and religious problems. How this is so is fully described in Srila Prabhupada's books.

   Therefore every thoughtful person should immediately take up Krsna consciousness with full heart and soul.